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  • 剧情介绍
幸存者们剧情介绍:幸存者们是由Guillaume Renusson执导,德尼·梅诺谢,扎拉·阿米尔·阿布拉希米,维克图瓦尔·杜布瓦,奥斯卡·寇普,Luca Terracciano,Raphaël Ferret,Roxane Barazzuol,Valentine Atlan,Guillaume Pottier,雷米·佩德维拉,朱莉·穆利耶,Loïc Corbery,朱莉-安妮·罗斯,巴斯蒂安·乌盖托等艺人主演的,于2022年上映,该电影讲述的是  Written by Guillaume Renusson and Clément Peny, the story (which won the Audience Award for Best Screenplay for a First Feature Film at Angers’ European First Film Festival) revolves around Samuel who, in the aftermath of a recent tragedy, leaves to get away from it all in his chalet in the Italian Alps, a place of passage for migrants looking to cross the border between Italy and France. Samuel is nonplussed by the anger of those living in his village, who organise hunts in the mountains to track the migrants. One night, he comes across Chehreh who has fled her war-torn country for France. Faced with her distress, Samuel decides to help her make the crossing, telling himself it will only take a few hours.(《幸存者们》电影于2024-02-21 00:23由韩剧派收集自网络发布。)


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