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  • 剧情介绍
眼泪制造者剧情介绍:眼泪制造者是由Alessandro Genovesi执导,Caterina Ferioli,Simone Baldasseroni等艺人主演的,于2024年上映,该电影讲述的是  Within the walls of the Grave, the orphanage where Nica grew up, a legend has always been told: that of the maker of tears, a mysterious craftsman, guilty of crafting all the fears and anxieties that inhabit the hearts of men. But at seventeen years old, the time has come for Nica to leave fairy tales behind. Her biggest dream is about to come true. Mr and Mrs Milligan have started the adoption process and are ready to give her the family she has always wanted. In her new home, however, Nica is not alone. Along with her, Rigel, a restless and mysterious orphan, the last person in the world Nica would want as an adoptive brother, is also taken from the Grave. Rigel is intelligent, smart, plays the piano like an enchanting demon and has a beauty that can enchant, but his angelic appearance conceals a dark nature. Even though Nica and Rigel are united by a common past of pain and hardship, living together seems impossible, but kindness and anger are two different ways of fighting pain to stay alive and to conceal the emotions that devastate their hearts, becoming for each other that tears-maker of legend. To the maker of tears you cannot lie: and they will have to find the courage to accept that desperate force that attract them towards each other called love.(《眼泪制造者》电影于2024-04-21 16:24由韩剧派收集自网络发布。)


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